Tips for Improving URL Structures.


Why is URL Length Important?

The URL and its appearance in the browser bar are more important than you would think. The length of an URL sends a message on its own, it affects SEO, clicks, and user trust. It also is the first thing a user will see so it is the appearance of your site and brand. The stronger the appearance the more likely the user will venture into the site. Below are a few tips to improve your URL structure.

Why is shorter is better?

There are many reasons to keep your domains short in length. Think about when you go shopping online do you often shop at places that have ten to fifteen letters in their dot com? Most likely not, this is because technology has created a desire for speed in the journey. Short domains are also easier to read and remember. They are also much more aesthetically pleasing in the marketing arena whether it be on social media, business cards, billboards, or even an elevator pitch. It is much more attractive to the user if it’s catchy and short. It has been shown that people are hesitant to click on long or unreadable URLs fearing it is a malicious link or spam. This is because most of the trusted sites we use are very short and quick so when we come across a long and crazy link we become suspicious or bored and pass over.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engines and lightning are very similar, they are powerful and lazy. If you remove the financial aspect to search engines they will always go to the quickest and easiest link that holds what you have searched. So, the difference between a sale or a visit could easily be two words. It is easier for search engines to crawl your site, resulting in higher search engine rankings. When the rankings go up from site visits and even financial compensation your business will grow even faster.

Use Keywords

When someone searches, keywords in a search engine the closest URLs show up in those search results. Without even knowing it, searches will decide on which site based on how close to the top it is and the size and trust of that URL. This is one of the most prominent elements searchers consider when selecting which site to click.

Research has shown that people make decisions about the sites they click through based on the relevance of keywords present in the URL. Including pertinent keywords improves the likelihood they’ll choose your site among their options when you fill their need best.

When they encounter your link through social media, email, or a website, they’ll get a clearer picture of what your link offers. This can build enough trust and engagement that they click through.

Make it Readable

This should be quite expected as Google has been rewarding websites that are user-friendly. This is very important in the use of a website to make it so that the least experienced person can find the site and understand what you are selling. Making your URL easier to read for humans is also making it more attractive for search engines. What does readable mean when it comes to URLs? Using obvious and understandable words that are related to the search and gives the user an exact idea of what to expect when they click the link. This is in essence the title page like it would be on a book, we generally pick up a book because the title attracts us, and then the pages have to do the rest of the work. This is the same with URL and searches we have to grab someone in seconds based on a few words and then steal them with the content.