The Importance of a Responsive Site

Three Horse Media & Consulting  •   March 1, 2020

Responsive site across devices

In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phone*

*source. Statista global Mobile Phone Website Traffic Share, 2019 report Global Mobile Phone Website Traffic Share, 2019 report

A professional responsive website is a must. Mobile device optimization is imperative for every business owner today. We optimize your website for both desktop environments and mobile devices so that your site works seamlessly when tapping, swiping, scrolling, and panning. Double-check across devices that the following are resizing properly, available, and easy to use:

Responsive Checkpoints

  • Menus

  • Image Resiziing

  • Buttons/Links

  • Call To Action

  • Contact Forms

Focus on The User

How easy is it to navigate your website from a tablet or a mobile? Focus on the first -time user, it is easy to overlook things with the familiarity that comes to your site, but what does your customer experience? finding not finding? Is it readable to them?  Are the CTA’s readily available? A responsive site will resize to fit the phone, tablet, and other devices so it is important that you regularly check it to see that all the photos, text, buttons, and contact forms are readily available to your customer.

Don’t forget to check your e-commerce.  How easy is it for a customer to purchase their phone?  Is it quick and painless? If not you may lose the customer to a competitor. Don’t underestimate the “convenience factor”.