How to Connect Now !

Three Horse Media & Consulting  •   April 30, 2020

Walking through downtown Morgan Hill, you find someone has placed rocks painted with positive and sometimes funny messages along the sidewalks & among planters. These homespun and selfless feel-good messages,  remind us of what media needs to be now, organic, heartfelt, and real.  Post-COVID-19 marketing is all about a business’s ability to convey sensitivity, caring, and feelings. Any other messaging, or projection of an overtly commercial nature is viewed as insensitive and reflects negatively on the brand’s image. Gone in an “Instagram minute” are the glamorous lifestyle posts used to sell products, influencers once capitalizing on these sponsored photos alongside infinity pools in Bali, are now meet with great backlash. Images and messages like these now seem completely out of touch. The world and your audience are different, you cannot carry on with the same old marketing.  Time adapt.

How do you adapt your marketing?

1) Define who you are and what you stand for.

Assess who you are as a brand and what the core company values are.  Focus on those values in your marketing.

2) Stay present.

Focus on building brand awareness. Continue reaching out to your customers with sensitive and caring messages that reflect your brand. Don’t make it all about the pandemic or a chance to sell something. Be human and positive.

3) Figure out what your customers need now.

Most of your customers are going through something traumatic, How are they feeling? what are their needs, wants, concerns? Address these feelings, needs, and wants in your marketing.

Below are a few brands that we feel have adapted their marketing well: