Do You Have a Post Covid-19 Strategy?

Three Horse Media & Consulting  •   April 24, 2020

What is your post Covid-19 Strategy? It is time to reevaluate the way you do business now and going forward. Things have changed radically and it is never going to be the same. It calls for out of the box thinking, re-energizing, and re-imagining your brand. What can you implement today and for the future? Here are three things you can do now:

  • Up your online game

Use a critical eye to analyze your website and social media,  Is it appealing, cohesive, and on-brand? Are you attracting and speaking to your target audience?  Is your content current? Are you updating posts and photos enough?

  • Ask yourself how do you get your product to your customer now, even if you are closed?

Optimize access to your products and services.  Consider adding delivery and pick-up services, as this will be the new norm. Below are a few links:

Door Dash  

Uber Eats

If you are a restaurant keep in touch with your customers by changing specials and offers often. Consider how you can engage with your customer using conferencing platforms: can you teach? Can you hold a free or a paid event for your customers to look forward to?


Microsoft Teams

  • Update your brand positioning

At this time you need to demonstrate that your company cares. What things demonstrate you being more than a business. be a friend. One of the things we do at Three Horse Media is to help you connect with your customer. Contact us for a complete assessment, we can help you navigate this challenging time.

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